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Product Description

Explore the area
The GPSMAP 64 portable navigator comes with a preloaded NavLyx card. With the "Photo Navigation" feature, you can upload photos with GPS coordinates and then route the route directly to them.

Do not miss the signal
Thanks to the high-sensitivity quad helix antenna, GPS and GLONASS support, the GPSMAP 64 portable navigator automatically detects your location quickly and accurately, and then keeps the signal from satellites, even in a dense forest or in a deep ravine.

Add cards
Adding maps with a wide selection of detailed topographical, marine and automotive maps for most countries around the world is easy. Thanks to the 4 GB internal memory and the ability to expand it with MicroSD cards, you can easily download TOPO 24K or 100K cards, BlueChart g2 water cards, and City Navigator NT. In addition, the navigator supports satellite images of BirdsEye ™ (subscription), which gives you the ability to upload photos to your GPS navigator and complement them with vector maps. And finally, the support of Custom Maps for Custom Maps allows you to transform a paper or electronic card into a navigator format with free software.

Geocaching function
The GPSMAP 64 portable navigator already includes everything you need for geocaching, which is 250,000 pre-loaded hideouts with hints and descriptions from Geocaching.com, as well as a battery with up to 16 hours. The GPSMAP 64 navigator allows you to store and display basic information, including location, terrain, difficulty level, hints and descriptions. You no longer need to enter the coordinates manually and carry the printouts! Compact and lightweight Garmin GPSMAP 64 will be a great companion to your travels.

Plan your next trip
Pre-plan your trips with the free BaseCamp application, which allows you to view and organize maps, waypoints, routes and tracks. You can also create Garmin Adventures with the help of this program to share them with your friends and family. BaseCamp displays 2-D or 3-D topographic maps on your computer screen, including contour lines and altitude profiles. In addition, with the BirdsEye subscription, BaseCamp allows you to download unlimited satellite imagery to your browser.

Product Information

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