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Product Description

Intelligent running clock with GPS, music and advanced training features
Synchronize with music streaming services like Spotify, Deezer and others to play and store your favorite songs right on your watch.
Evaluates your workout status, allowing you to understand whether you are making enough effort or overloading yourself; offers additional metrics for assessing the performance of sports activities.
Receive free Garmin Coach adaptive training plans or create your own workouts on our Garmin Connect online community.
Offers extended data of running speaker2, including the balance of the contact of the feet with the surface, the length of the step, the vertical coefficient, and others.
Tracking and security features3, such as the built-in accident detector, make it easy to share your location with selected contacts.
Battery: up to 7 days in smart clock mode; Up to 6 hours in GPS with music.
While you're running, Forerunner 245 Music thinks. Moreover, with every new journey and song, it is better suited for you. This smart GPS clock can be stored in your memory, so you can keep moving, leaving your phone at home. It also keeps track of your statistics, processes all your performance data, evaluates your running form, the history of your workouts and even your goals. All you have to do is just keep moving.
Forerunner 245 Music

Product Information

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